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All-New Doctor Who Book Club

Feb 15, 2022

February 2022 Book Club: We’re celebrating our 60th episode by joining the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan in a mind-bending adventure across time and space as we review Jim Mortimore’s self-published book “Campaign,” first published in April 2000.  It’s had a few physical releases over the years, to benefit various charities, and is also available to read free online at the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club site.  


You can access Series 13 Flux scripts, as well as the Eve of the Daleks New Year’s Special, at the BBC Writer’s Room Script Library


Chris’s Show & Tell, the “Day of the Hardcore” mix of “Exterminate” by D-M-S can be heard here


You can see Matt on a CONsole Room panel here discussing the evolution of the TARDIS interior.  


Catch Bill Evenson on his podcast Frankenstein Minute.  


Content advisory warning from 41:40 to 44:40


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