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All-New Doctor Who Book Club

Mar 15, 2024

March 2024 Book Club: 

We join the Sixth Doctor and Mel on an epic mission to save the multiverse from a form of madness known as the Lamprey, as we review the Past Doctor Adventure “Spiral Scratch” by Gary Russell.  First published in August 2005, the book is currently out-of-print - but might be found on the secondhand market if you're lucky.  Happy reading!


Special thanks to Hannah & Matt Ducharme for providing the dramatic reading this month.  You can check out their YouTube channel at The Drinking Hat.

Check out the Confession Dial take on the 6th Doctor's regeneration (based on The Last Adventure) here.  You can also purchase The Last Adventure on Big Finish's website.

Learn more about the legend of Woolpit on the After Dark podcast

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